Sunday, June 5, 2016

New job, new beginning

So I started with another company at the start of the month. Given the uncertainty surrounding my previous company, I decided to take the plunge and hunt around for a more secure job for my career. I did not wait for a severance package, because I think I would not be asked to go anytime soon, and I wasn't there for very long in the first place - hence my package (if any) won't be that large.

In any case, it gave me a good story to hop out, and I took the opportunity for an increment in base pay (I think it would take a few years in my ex-company for my pay to rise to my current now - I guess that's why they say if employees stay in the same company for too long, their pay would be below market value).

In all, it was pretty good, and I do hope I can stay sometime in my current company. I do not like unfamiliar environments, getting to know new people and trying to establish myself all over again.

A few things that struck me:
1. It's not good to be a job hopper, and there are certainly risks involved in changing jobs. On the flip side, there are opportunities involved. Always have a good story/rationale for what you do, and why a job switched is needed..
I was always told at my ex-company which was undergoing down-sizing to focus on what you can control. (I think they meant to focus on your work - but I took it to mean focus on getting another job which is within my control!) I rather be employed at my own terms, than be asked to leave at another's term!

2. I got my current job through my network (of course, I did go through interviews), so this highlights the importance of networking. Never burn bridges - you do not know when you will need to leverage on connections.

3. Have an adequate back-up cash reserves. I saw a few colleagues being let go over the past couple of months. Not too sure about their financial reserves - but I know some have a young family, some with mortgage commitments. It's important to have a buffer in case the severance package is not sufficient to tide over till the next job comes around.

So, with this new job and company, I hope to be here for good with them. :)


  1. Agreed that networking is important. In fact, the best jobs are only circulated through networks. Good for you and hope for my updates from you.

    SG Wealth Builder

    1. Thank you - learnt a lot from your blog too. Were you from sgfunds in the past too?

  2. There is this bank that is in the news that is retrenching but with more shocking than normal practices. I wonder if the industry left is big enough to take the 100 people that is retrench

    1. Yea - that's in January. I survived that, and another round in April - but decided enough was enough. Too much instability, and not much prospects going forward I believe at the moment.