Friday, June 17, 2016

Lend me money?

So recently I managed to get a free copy of my credit bureau report. (if you don't know, if you apply for a new credit card, or have your credit limit re-assessed by your bank, you have a 30 days window period to log in and retrieve a free copy of your report)

So what does mine says?

So I was rated AA, with a 0.15% probability for default and a score of 1953. I was thinking, why was I not rated the maximum score of 2000?

So I read on, looks like one of the factors is that frequent/recent enquiries (in addition to default or slow payment) will affect the credit score.

I was never late on payment (always on Giro) so I wonder if it's the case if I applied for too many credit cards. I admit, I have a lot of cards, mostly for freebies + various discounts at various establishments. So let's see

23 enquiries, and 17 accounts. I guess that must be why.

With a good credit bureau rating, would you be willing to lend me money? Remember, there is only a 0.15% of me not paying you back :)

In any case, the Bureau also helpfully added that 1 way to improve credit score is to reduce unnecessary new credit card application. If you don't need, then don't apply, although I DO still keep apply for shiny new cards.

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