Sunday, February 21, 2016


Well, sad to say, i did not turn into an instant millionaire following my previous post - 12-million Hong Bao draw.

I did have a consolation 'prize', as my company announced the year end incentive award (or bonus). So with the windfall (well, being able to keep my job is already good enough for me!), any bonus award can really be considered a bonus.

As with any windfall received, adequate planning is required, otherwise it will all be squandered away. Many stories on the net about people spending their inheritance within a month!

So i took the opportunity to plan out what to do with the excess amount that i will receive, and came to the conclusion - money will never be enough. No matter how much i have, i will be able to find ways to fill it up.

I will sock away 40% to my household account, and build up my emergency cash. 

The emergency cash is in line with my resolution for 2016. See Goals 2016. Given the current economic climate recently, i guess it is better to be conservative on my part to increase my buffer.

I will also take the opportunity to replace my fixed assets, namely my laptop, which has been with me for the past 6 years. 
Other non-savings expenses include allocating the bonus to my annual travel plans, as well as other expenses like giving a bonus to my family as well.

My regrets in coming up with this budget? I did not manage to allocate to 2 categories:
(1) Increasing my personal war-chest. I guess that would come with my monthly salary instead.
(2) Accruing for the tax on this bonus. Again, it would have to come from my regular budget.

What about you? I hope you have had a windfall recently as well. :) and please do share with me how you intend to allocate them.

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