Monday, December 31, 2018

Review 2018

Been almost a year since i last blogged, been, last post being 2017 and financially, my last update was at 2016 review.

My portfolio was a huge $2,130 at 31 December 2016 and I had committed to set aside $300 a month on investments.

Almost 2 years on, how have i progressed with my savings?

As at year end, my portfolio is at $14,510, which is not bad! considering i started at $2,130 in 2016. Honestly though i added most of my positions in the last 2 months when the prices of the equities started coming down. My cash holdings is around 2k as of now, and going to add more as i get my paycheck.

Point is, i managed to set aside more than my aim of $300 a month (otherwise, i would only have $7,200 by now + equity gains/losses)

Did not specifically track dividend income from the counters, but given the (huge) size of the portfolio, it is likely to be immaterial.

In any case, because i am using Standard Chartered online trading platform, all dividends would be automatically credited into my securities trading settlement account for reinvestment.

Shall continue to set aside my own savings and periodically use it to build up my ETF position, because currently that's mostly all (as above) i am holding onto now.

Long long way to FIRE.

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