Saturday, January 14, 2017

Income Review 2016

Not many streams of income left in 2016 that will bring me into 2017, having liquidate most of my positions to purchase a second home.

Passive income:

As can be seen... my passive income dropped from 2016 as compared to previous years. Liquidated most of my assets to get another house which i am currently staying in. So it will be like a fresh start in 2017 when i try to build up my portfolio again to get income from dividends. Meanwhile, also hoping that the rental from my HDB will add a much needed boost to my passive stream.

Been holding cash a bit the past few years to buy another house, I guess that's why my dividends income wasn't that significant anyway.

Also only managed to get 1 month of rental out of my flat, and i net the agent's commission off. My US apartment continues to generate income, although there seems to be en-bloc interest in that. Let's see if i am forced to sell out, which is not ideal as i kind of like the regular USD income stream.

Portfolio as at 31 December 2016:
A grand total of $2,130. Now that I do not expect to use huge amounts of cash anymore in the near future, I am more comfortable in placing more into equities. Although the current amount i am placing now is still $300 a month. I should be looking to increase the amount in 2017. Waiting for my expenses situation to stabilize further, and to build up a bigger financial buffer too.

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