Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Transactions for Sept '16 + accidental lifehack

Continued my DCA into the STI index. Another 100 shares for the month. Using the transactions capture from SGXcafe. :)

Incidentally, i chanced upon an accidental life hack from for a small amount of free cash flow. So i signed up for an insurance policy using the OCBC Cashflo card which breaks any purchases into monthly installments. And then because another policy came up which i preferred.... i freelooked the old policy (and got the cash refund from the insurance company in 1 lump sum).

End result - i got interest free installment from the insurance company. It wasn't my intention, but it is indeed an accidental life hack for a small amount of cash flow.


  1. Hi Dowz, just to check with you. So after getting the lump sum back, u just need to pay the cc every month rite?

  2. Hi there - yes, as the credit card company funded us by paying the insurance company first... so still need to pay back the cc. This is just for a short term small amount cash flow hack lah.

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