Thursday, September 1, 2016

Transactions for August 2016

Added another 100 ES3 shares. Happy to receive my first dividend payout from ES3 after restarting my portfolio. Even though it's only $4.20, it is actually quite motivating!

Slowly but surely, one minor minor step to more financial independence. :)

Dividends for August

By the way, there is an upcoming event for property, the Smart Expo.

If you are interested in building up a property portfolio overseas, do check it out if you have time!

Overseas property investment is fraught with lots of risks, including political, foreign exchange risks - but it's always good to get more knowledge anyway. :)


  1. Hi Dowz,

    May I know what broker you are using? The commission looks really low.

    Lazy Singaporean

  2. Hi Lazy Singaporean - i'm using Standard Chartered Online brokerage... managed to get a good rate from them without minimum commission. So not too bad. Managed to DCA monthly with a small amount.

  3. Hi Dowz, thank you for the clarification!