Saturday, April 30, 2016

Drinks and Party - what's your indulgence?

So it was TGIF yesterday, and after a hard and gruelling work at week, I think all of us can related to letting our hair down once the weekend rolls around.

However, due to time-table clashes, I was not able to join my friends for a Friday night of drinks yesterday, and from the group chat that I saw this morning, the bill per pax averages out to between $150 to $200. I do hang out with them sometimes, and I would say that's the average amount each shells out for a night of 'catching-up'.

As I started my trip back to financial independence last year, I have used YNAB, and my monthly allocation to personal dining out is only around 200-400 per month. I would say 1 night out with them would blow my entire month's budget. So in that sense, I have now preferred to have cheaper alternatives like house parties etc, where you can still drink (if you want to), but at a much cheaper rate. [I hope they do not read this entry!]

I think everyone have their own indulgence of choice. I use to have more indulgences I think, but I have learnt to cut down some to get my budget in order.

Café-hopping - those Instagram worthy moments with oh-so-lovely food. I know there are some people who do café-hopping every weekend

Fancy restaurants - A friend of mine don't drink tap water at restaurants, and always order sparkling. That's at least $6 just for plain water at meals.

Transport - There are some who swears by taxi every where they travel. Each trip could be around $20 - 1 month? around $1,000 I guess.

Shopping - enough said.

Hobbies - Some folks travel once every two months.

Of course, I have the largest indulgence to support, my car. I guess that's why some things have to go!

I won't call it a sacrifice - some things I do not really enjoy. I like hawker food over cafes anyway, kopitiam kopi to fancy Americano. I do not think my quality of life suffered, and I do feel that my money is spent on more meaningful things (like my retirement fund)

I guess, as long as 1 has the budget, and has a well worked out resource allocation plan, one should feel free to indulge in whatever they want to. After all, life is short. If you do not have an interest or two to indulge in - what's the point in living?

Spend on yourself in the present, but don't forget to spend on yourself for the future. :)

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