Sunday, October 25, 2015

The handy man can

My house has been breaking down in bits and pieces recently. So the bulbs has been going off one by one. I'm not usually a very technical person (admittedly i was a technician in the Singapore Army), but the wires and stuff usually escapes me.

Hired a contractor to remove the mould and repainted the toilet ceiling. (it was really in a disastrous condition, like those dilapidated haunted house), so when the toilet lights went kaput, i got the handyman to do everything at 1 go. That costed me $280.

The bulbs in my ceiling was off too, and lazy me also asked for the price. Seems like changing the bulb cost me $30. I asked how it was to be done, and seems simple enough. I got myself a bulb at $4.60, and saved myself the labour cost and mark-up of the rest.

Moral of the story - get enough life skills to handle minor repairs in the house.

NB: I had a plumber come once to unchoke my toilet. THAT set me back by $120. Since then, i got a plunger and been a part time plumber for my house ever since.

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