Sunday, July 26, 2015

Paleo lifestyle on a budget

Since using YNAB from the beginning of the year, i have generally budgeted $10 per lunch for myself. Most times i have kept way below my target, give and take some more expensive lunches due to occasions (friends/colleague  birthday/farewell/welcome etc). Also paleo meals are pretty expensive to adhere to.

For the uninitiated, the paleolithic diet, also know as the paleo diet or caveman diet, is a diet based on food human's ancient ancestors might eat, such as meats, nuts and berries. [source wiki]

This is generally to the exclusion of carbohydrates (rice and noodles) and diary products. Pretty hard to be satiated eating fish soup without rice all the time!

With the need to eat healthy and keeping to a budget, i am beginning to explore packing my own lunch occasionally. Viola! My lunch for next week.

1 Whole chicken from the roast counter at Cold Storage - $7.95
1 packet of salad at Cold Storage - $5.95
4 eggs, hard boiled - $2?
Total damage : $16 (rounded up because i will add some yummy spicy sriracha sauce!)

I split the above into 2 meals. Each lunch would then be $8. Within budget. 

I'm sure i can come up with more satisfying paleo lunches at cheaper rates. Let's see.

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