Friday, March 20, 2015

Contributing to society

So during the week, i joined my company for a citizenship event, as part of our goal to be a good corporate citizen. There are lots of charitable events being organised, but financial literacy (or the promotion of it) speaks to me the most.

It was a trip to Jurong Youth Center, targetting at kids aged 9 to 12. The aim? Is to inculcate the value and concept of saving money at a young age.

It was an activities based session - kids were given hypothetical scenario amount and asked to make spending decision.

A plate of chicken rice + drink at $4? or McDonalds meal at $8. I think most kids at that age (actually adults are guilty of it too, i know i am!)

End of the day, if the kids (and us) can take home the message that every dollar we spent is a decision in itself. Every dollar we spent now means a dollar lesser to spend in the future.

And that, is an important message for people of all ages.

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